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The Losers

Well the name says it all.  Those of us watching this flick are as much losers as the characters in this movie.  The only worthwhile part is where Chris Evans changes his cloths in an elevator, and then does a short parody of his movie “Push”.  This movie is a complete rip off of “The A-Team” franchise.  They only lacked paying the license fees for using the name.  This story is disjointed, full of fantasy, inaccuracies and just kind of dumb.  I had no idea what to expect from this movie, but I was disappointed.  The action scenes are the only thing that keep this thing going, and they are completely predictable and unmemorable.

6/10 (cause I’m in a good mood)

The Twilight Saga New Moon

There are only two things that make these low budget, poorly done Twilight movies worth watching if you aren’t a teenage girl.  And that’s an interest in vampire movies and the cute boys.  Let’s face it, these Twilight movies are not well done, well written, or well acted.  Special effects are good, but when aren’t they these days.  This one has Taylor Lautner in it.  You’ll never go thirsty with a 6 pack like that around.  He’s the only redeeming quality in this installment of Twilight.


The Bounty Hunter

This movie is dull.  Def will put you to sleep if you don’t have close pins on your eye lids.  Nothing redeeming in this predictable, poorly written movie.   Jennifer Aniston is pretty as always, so if that does it for ya, watch this movie.  Otherwise, PASS!


Youth In Revolt

This movie is far from fast paced.  Has a unique style.  Some might say slow and boring, maybe even odd, but there was something about this young romanic comedy that I liked.


Green Zone

Pretty good movie.  Def keeps your attention.  Def a diff point of view than your typical US army take over movie.  I liked it.


Brooklyns Finest

Wow, could they have made this any slower or boring?  The answer is no.  Couldn’t even sit through the whole movie.  Might have gotten 20 minutes in.  Torture.

1/10 is being gracious!

Iron Man 2

Meh, what can you say.  As any typical sequel, it’s not as good as the first.  Completely predictable.  Somewhat entertaining.  Def forgettable.  Better than being bored.


Robin Hood (2010)

Excellent period piece movie!  Best movie I have seen in a while.  And a version of the Robin Hood story I have never seen done.  It’s his evolution from a soldier in the Crusades till he becomes known as Robin Hood.  A must see if you like this type of film.


The Wolfman (2010)

It’s okay.  Forgettable.  Better than watching flies on the wall if totally nothing better to do.  But I was expecting better somehow.



I had no idea what to expect from this movie.  It def was better than I expected, and had a much better plot than I was expecting.  Well done for what appears to be a low budget movie.


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