Ender’s Game (2013)

By | 2014-02-11

Have you ever heard a lot of hype about a movie that was based on a book that you haven’t read, and wondered what the fuss was about? Well Ender’s Game was one of those experiences for me. I knew the basic plot of the story, and even though I am an avid Sci-Fi fan, the concept held little interest for me. It seemed to be more of a Sci-Fi story for an eight or ten year old, since most the main characters and story heros are quite young.

It’s a story about a futuristic world where society has decided that video game playing children would make the best soldiers, if they could fight remotely, and be tricked into thinking it was simply a game.

Even though the movie is well made with excellent effects, it returned exactly what I expected, a completely predictable story with a juvenile plot. Perhaps the book is a great read, since many people that have read it tend to rave about it, but the movie is not a great watch overall.



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