Monthly Archives: October 2010

The A-Team (2010)

Based on the 80’s TV series of the same name, this action packed remake is okay, but far from a great movie.  Big I doubt anyone that watches this will be expecting great.  Much like the TV series, it’s full of impossible stunts, explosions, and endless action.  It’s fun enough to watch for what it is.  Dirk Benedict makes a brief cameo in a scene with his new counterpart, which was a nice touch.

The movie actually has the feel of the 80’s style action shows on occasion, which for some reason reminded more of Rockford Files and Simon and Simon at times than The A-Team, but then again, I was never an A-Team TV series fan.


Predators (2010)

Yet another addition to the Predator series, and likely the best of the bunch since the original with Arnold.  Not a great movie in and of itself, but a fun watch based on action alone.  Fast paced and entertaining, it will hold your attention aside from one or two boring character building scenes that simply don’t work.  If you are in the mood for a action packed Sci-Fi flick, this one is a decent watch.


Jonah Hex (2010)

He’s a comic book hero based in the cowboy era, acquiring his special ability from a near death experience, to have slightly faster reflexes than the average cowboy.  He can also communicate with his horse, but what cowboy couldn’t back then.  But he’s not fast enough to dodge all bullets, and when he gets shot too many times, he regains these super abilities from the spiritual powers of the local native Indians.  Who seem to be more than happy to rejuvenate him.  I’m not sure why, as he doesn’t do them any favours, but I guess that’s just how that works.

Did I mention he can also speak to the dead?  Well he can, and while he does so, they experience pain and a burning sensation, and eventually burn in flames.  Isn’t it traditional to think that bad people that die go to hell?  And in hell you experience pain and fire?  Well what the dead go through while Jonah talks to them is apparently worse than this.  I know how they feel, watching this movie gave me the same feeling.  But don’t worry, this movie has the supernatural power to put you to sleep, so if you fall victim to the magic of this movie, you won’t stay awake for the whole thing anyway.  Don’t fight it, have a nap or avoid this time waster completely.