Is the Internet Today’s Lynch Mob?

How many people do you know like revenge? Do you? Most people do. More than being able to walk on two legs, I think the act of vengeance and laughing at someone when they fall down and hurt themselves, is what makes us “human”. I don’t think there is any other animal that feels a… Read More »

No One Likes a Loser – Quote of the Day

“No one likes a loser. It’s only fake praise. You’re either a winner, or you’re hated by society!”, I said to my dog this morning, as she missed the ball. She didn’t disagree. She felt bad dropping that ball.

FLIRC Review

FLIRC is an IR (Infra Red) remote control receiver, intended for use on a computer to control media center software using your own preferred remote control. I recently received the FLIRC I ordered direct from the developer’s website.  It took a week for it to ship, and then 2 weeks to receive by mail.  I… Read More »

Sony Pulls Movie, Obama Condemns Sony

I saw in the tech news this morning that Obama went on TV and declared that he feels Sony made a mistake to back down to the threats against them for the recent hacking of their company computers.  The hacking is supposedly over the movie The Interview, that makes fun of North Korea. The FBI… Read More »

Switched Blogging Software

As my handful of followers may (or may not) have noticed, my blog has not been updated much lately.  A combination of life getting in the way of doing this (and other equally important things), and my favourite blogging app no longer working. Up until today, I’ve used BlogDesk.  A quick, simple and easy to… Read More »

Quote of the Day

While watching a new Sci-Fi TV series called The Strain, I couldn’t help but notice a tactful and apt social comment, about what sadly passes for modern day “journalism”. I put journalism in quotes because I believe anyone would be hard pressed to argue against the fact, that true journalism has been dead for years.… Read More »

Goodbye TWIT TNT and Hello DTNS

My month long experiment to listen to the new Tech News Today podcast on the TWIT Network has ended. I can’t take it no more! The TNT feed is now deleted, and in hindsight I wish I had done it after 2 episodes as I intended. It’s been rather painful to endure the tedious dialog… Read More »

TWIT Takes a Big Step Backward

I think that most tech geeks and IT people have likely heard of The TWIT Network and may listen or watch one or more of the shows they produce. My favourite TWIT show was Tech News Today, also known as TNT. This was a show developed around tech podcaster Tom Merritt after he left CNet.… Read More »

Alan Turing Granted Pardon for Being Gay

(Reposted from News) NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY, LONDON   Computer scientist Alan Turing, born in 1912, was a man light years ahead of his time. He performed groundbreaking computer science work long before the concept even existed. An artificial intelligence test he developed remains relevant today. During World War II, his cryptanalysis work helped Allied… Read More »

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