Ghostery 6.0 Thumbs Down

This week, Ghostery, one of my favourite ad and tracker blocking addons for FireFox had a major upgrade. I didn’t even realize Ghostery had updated, as this is common with many addons each time I restart FireFox. What I did notice is a blue ball with numbers in it that started appearing in the corner… Read More »

Hover Accounts May Have Been Compromised

Hover, the domain registration company owned by Tucows, alerted customers today that they system was accessed by unauthorized people. They reset every ones passwords, forcing members to request their passwords through email and reset them. This is a responsible thing to do, to reset all passwords and be upfront with it’s customers. I’m sure their… Read More »

Matricom G-Box Q Android Set Top Box Review

Rating: 5/10 I recently ordered a Matricom G-Box Q Android Set Top Box on I received it a week ago. I carefully researched the small Android “TV” boxes to try to find the best device to play back video, in a small form factor, at the best price. The G-Box Q had good specs,… Read More »

gPodder YouTube Access Has Stopped

In the mornings I like to watch my favourite video podcasts while I eat breakfast.  I use gPodder to aggregate my video podcast feeds and then I watch them using SageTV or XBMC/Kodi.  But this morning I had a surprise.  Instead of my weekly “The Ben Heck Show” episode, I was provided with a silent… Read More »

Quieter Nvidia/Zotac GTS-250

The Nvidia GTS-250 video card is by no means a cutting edge video card by today’s standards, they are a few years old.  But I have 2 of these cards, and they play HD video very well in my HTPC Windows computers. One thing that the GTS-250 cards are well known for (at least the… Read More »

FLIRC Review

FLIRC is an IR (Infra Red) remote control receiver, intended for use on a computer to control media center software using your own preferred remote control. I recently received the FLIRC I ordered direct from the developer’s website.  It took a week for it to ship, and then 2 weeks to receive by mail.  I… Read More »

SageTV To Make a Come Back

I’ve mentioned SageTV in my blog a number of times, and how it was the best DIY software for turning your own computer into a custom DVR.  Then Google purchased the company and turned it into the set top box (STB) software for their Google Fibre project in Kansas City. I’m still using SageTV on… Read More »

Lenovo Tries the Old Sony Trick

A few years back, Sony intentionally infected peoples computers with a type of virus called a Rootkit, that was part of their copy-protection technology philosophy for their music business.  They felt they could justify this quasi illegal behaviour, up until people found out about it.  Then they blamed a third party software company for doing… Read More »

Have your Podcasts Show Up in Kodi/XBMC as TV Shows

I’ve been an avid fan and user of a home theatre software package called SageTV for many years.  It was (and in many ways still is) the best home theatre and TV show recording software available for the DIY STB (set top box) person. Unfortunately for those of us that were customers and loyal users,… Read More »

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