Samsung S4 Press Complaints

I’ve been following in the release of the new Samsung S4 (SIV) in the tech news this past week. Apparently Samsung had a bizarre and uncomfortable to watch stage show, which has gotten a lot of press comments for being strange, awkward and out of date. Not being an Apple fan boy, and falling at… Read More » for Android Barely Useful

A short while back Microsoft released a mail app for Android for their relatively new service, intended to replace Hotmail. It’s apparently a warm over of the Hotmail app. And just to be safe, and have it as an option, I installed weeks ago, set up my accounts, and barely used it. Yesterday it… Read More »

Arduino Wi-Fi Access Alternative

For a while now, I’ve been trying to decide what wireless shield I wanted to standardize on my Arduino projects that required WiFi capability. I’ve been using the standard official wired Ethernet shield. Reading reviews and specs on the many and various wireless shields was a confusing mess or mixed reviews, different libraries and limited… Read More »

Live Messenger is Dead! Long Live Skype!

This week Microsoft started sending out email announcements to Live Messenger members, informing them that Messenger will be discontinued on March 15th, and everyone must migrate to the latest version of Skype for IM services. This is exciting news. As I think Messenger has become one of Microsoft’s crappiest products ever. For about a year… Read More »

Apples’s Hate for Android

Hey Apple, why be such a hater? I’ve been writing some custom WebDAV/CardDAV code for a project I’m working on, and wanted to test it against some CardDAV servers, other than the SabreDAV server I use myself and use for testing. Google’s new CardDAV service works fine, and seems to follow industry standards. This is… Read More »

CyanogenMod 10 on Optimus 2X Update

Several weeks ago I posted my bad experience attempting to update my LG Optimus 2X (P990) Android cell phone from CyanogenMod 7.2.x to 10.x. It ran incredibly poorly, and was a bad experience, so I went back to CM7.2.x. I have now managed to get it running much better. The trick being two fold, I… Read More »

ownCloud 4.5 is Disappointing

Quite a while back I wrote a rant about how I don’t want to trust “cloud” services for my personal information, such as Google when it comes to the contacts info on my Android phone. I prefer to sync my contacts locally so as to keep them off Gmail Contacts. But that’s a whole other… Read More »

CyanogenMod 10 on the LG Optimus 2X

I’ve been running CyanogenMod since I purchased my LG Optimus 2X (P990) phone earlier this year. In fact I bought it specifically so I could run CyanogenMod instead of the factory installed version of Android. I wanted to take advantage of the extra CM features. For the most part, CM7.x has done well for me.… Read More »

TomTom Android App Review

TomTom recently released a GPS navigation map app for the Android platform. It’s about time. I had a TomTom GPS app and blue tooth receiver on my Palm Treo years ago. Long before anyone dreamed up Android, yet they have dragged their feet on releasing an app for a phone since (as far as I… Read More »

Source Code Pro Font

Adobe recently released an Open Source font they call Source Code Pro, and be downloaded here. I’ve always used Courier New for my text editors (my fav being EditPad Pro) or source code editor (Delphi) but this “news” caused me to investigate this newly hyped font in the tech world, and see if it would… Read More »

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