Switched Blogging Software

As my handful of followers may (or may not) have noticed, my blog has not been updated much lately.  A combination of life getting in the way of doing this (and other equally important things), and my favourite blogging app no longer working. Up until today, I’ve used BlogDesk.  A quick, simple and easy to… Read More »

Walmart Privacy Invasion

Recently I was refused a purchase at Walmart in Winnipeg, on McPhillips St. in Garden City. I wanted to purchase a Fido SIM card only. I did not want to activate it, I only wanted to purchase it. The clerk at the electronics desk refused to sell it to me without seeing and recording my… Read More »

Goodbye TWIT TNT and Hello DTNS

My month long experiment to listen to the new Tech News Today podcast on the TWIT Network has ended. I can’t take it no more! The TNT feed is now deleted, and in hindsight I wish I had done it after 2 episodes as I intended. It’s been rather painful to endure the tedious dialog… Read More »

TWIT Takes a Big Step Backward

I think that most tech geeks and IT people have likely heard of The TWIT Network and may listen or watch one or more of the shows they produce. My favourite TWIT show was Tech News Today, also known as TNT. This was a show developed around tech podcaster Tom Merritt after he left CNet.… Read More »

Alan Turing Granted Pardon for Being Gay

(Reposted from Discovery.com News) NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY, LONDON   Computer scientist Alan Turing, born in 1912, was a man light years ahead of his time. He performed groundbreaking computer science work long before the concept even existed. An artificial intelligence test he developed remains relevant today. During World War II, his cryptanalysis work helped Allied… Read More »

Best Bluetooth A2DP Media Receiver

I wanted to listen to music and podcasts in the car from my smart phone. My car unfortunately didn’t have the required A2DP Bluetooth capability, only the standard hands-free phone Bluetooth connection. The car did however have a 1/8″ line-in jack. A cable is always less convenient, but does provide the best possible audio connection… Read More »

CSS Select Issues on Android 2.3.x Browsers

While writing some cross platform Bootstrap web code for a project I am working on, I came across an obscure issue, where a select drop-down list doesn’t work on the default Android browser on Android 2.3.x. It seems to be a known issue with some web developers, and is a bug in the Android browser… Read More »

Leap Motion Delaying Shipments Again

The long (very long) anticipated hand gesture device from Leap Motion has yet another delay. I think it’s close to a year since I first placed my pre-order for the device. Since they first went public with this much hyped gadget, they’ve claimed how fantastic it already was, yet customers are still waiting to see… Read More »

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