Media Player Classic – INI File Issues with v. (3975d54)

By | 2013-03-18

I’m one of those hands-on old fashioned techy guys. I like my traditional INI and Config files in plain text when possible. I hate the Windows registry database, which we were scammed with by Microsoft years back, but that’s a rant for another post.

Since I prefer my MPC-HC settings to be stored in an INI file, instead of the registry, I came across a bug today while upgrading the 64bit version of MPC-HC to version (3975d54). After the upgrade, or crashed immediately on start up.

The problem came down to this. The INI file for external filters was using INI section headers labelled like this:


And apparently on a new clean v. install, it wants to see INI files with external filter references like this:


So simply adding the “64” to the INI section headers solved my problem.

Just throwing it out in there for anyone else to find with the same possible issues.


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