Google’s New Android Voice Search/Actions Review

The new Android Voice Search/Actions app that Google released this past week, is meant to be an improvement over the included voice command app that comes with a Android phone like the Nexus One.  They seem to have added some new voice commands, though the voice commands for Android have never been documented well anywhere… Read More »

Thunderbird RSS Feed Not Displaying Inline Images

By default, Thunderbird has “Feed Message Body” set to “Summary”.  However, it will not display some feeds with images as intended based on the formatting of the webpage code.  Some feeds will display “correctly” while others will not. My solution is to change the default settings in the menu and in config so you can… Read More » Review

What kind of company NOT to buy from…. I recently placed a small order for a few items from, after not dealing with them for a few years.  I paid extra to have my order shipped Express, and after not receiving my items in a reasonable time, contacted the courier, who promptly said, “Yes… Read More »

Fast and Economical Hard Drive

This is my review of the Seagate Momentus XT (ST950056 20AS) 2.5″ 500GB hybrid hard drive. It’s a 7200 RPM normal spinning platter hard drive with 4GB of SSD style memory.  What does that mean?  Well it uses common hard drive technology, but is almost as fast as a true SSD (Solid State Drive) that… Read More »

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