Thunderbird RSS Feed Not Displaying Inline Images

By | 2010-08-05

By default, Thunderbird has “Feed Message Body” set to “Summary”.  However, it will not display some feeds with images as intended based on the formatting of the webpage code.  Some feeds will display “correctly” while others will not.

My solution is to change the default settings in the menu and in config so you can balance the best of both types of feeds, RSS feeds that display well Thunderbird and ones that do not.  Meaning that we need the un-cooperative feeds to display the entire webpage instead of the summary.  This takes up a little more time to render, and a lot more of the screen area, so personally I don’t want all feeds to display the full web page if not necessary.


Thunderbird > View > Feed Message Body As: Default Format

Thunderbird > Tools > Account Settings > RSS > Manage Subscriptions:

– Open each feed tree and Edit the Settings.

– For each feed that displayed correctly before, check “Show the article summary…”

– And for the un-cooperative feeds that only displayed text and no inline images, leave them unchecked.

Close the “Manage Subsciptions” window.

Click “OK” on “Account Settings”.

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