Monthly Archives: November 2010

Inception (2010)

The plot; thieves that can manufacture dreams in order to steal from you.  Now go find another movie to watch and save your time and money.

This movie is convoluted, strange, boring, tedious and extremely long for what it’s worth.  I sat through 1 hour and 45 minutes of the 2 and 1/2 hours, and it felt like 3.  In that time nothing worthwhile took place, and it seemed to be climaxing, yet there was almost another hour of painful torture left to unfold.  The scenes, dialog and concepts seem to constantly repeat, not unlike a bad dream that doesn’t want to end.  Don’t be dazzled by the trailer, this is a steaming pile of…movie.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

Merlin’s magic is reincarnated in a teenager in modern day, in order to combat evil released from an ancient artifact.
There’s nothing overly special about this action/comedy, but it was definitely a fun watch, and I enjoyed it.  It’s light, family oriented and reasonably fast paced.

Cursed (2005)

Orphined brother and sister are attacked by a werewolf and become infected with this same curse.

Well done werewold story, light hearted and entertaining, plus holds your attention.


Knight & Day (2010)

Tom Cruise plays Roy, yet another secret agent/spy character, but this time not with Mission Impossible.  Roy’s a likable yet somewhat phsychotic appearing hyper active super spy.

The movie tries to bring us a tongue in cheek humerous spy story, but somehow it just doesn’t work.  It’s not a bad flick, but it’s on the boring and odd side.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, but you could see a worse movie.  But better yet, pass this one if you can, or you may end up catching that nap you were avoiding.


First Gallery Showing

This past Saturday evening was my first art gallery opening at Poser’s Gallery in Morden.  Opening night was a private, invitation only event.  There was a decent turn out of the people we had invited.  The gallery served wine and finger food.  I appreciated all the positive comments people made that night and since.

On display are 30 pieces, a combination of photography and abstracts, all printed on canvas.  Eleven are from a new Laser Art series, eight prints from a previous Fractal Art series, and the rest are various photographs and abstracts.

I have recently updated my art website called übergraph.  The section named “on display” are the pieces currently on display at Poser’s Gallery from November 7th to 30th.  Please visit to see much of my photography and digital abstracts.

Android Has No Calendar Search!

I was away from home this week, and needed to look up an upcoming appointment on my Nexus One Google phone.  Well would you believe that simply isn’t possible?  I was able to search anything on my Palm Treo phones for the past decade since day one of the Palm devices and get almost instant results.

I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out, but the Search Giant Google has not built a search feature into Android for the calendars to search for appointments.  I’m shocked!  This is absurd.  Google’s claim to fame is being good at search, and they obviously can’t have left this out by mistake.  No one could be that stupid when designing a mobile Operating System.  They obvioiuusly want us to use the web based calendar for some selfish motive.

I’ve liked a lot of things about my Nexus One and Android, and hated some just as much or more.  But this could be what pushes me over the edge to moving to another mobile device.  There is no excuse in this day and age to leave out such a feature.  It’s bad enough that every new mobile device and Operating System on the market can’t seem to impliment Cut & Paste propertly (something else Palm devices had from day one) but to leave out calendar search is inexcuseable.  If it’s not in the next Android update, I’ll be moving on if I can’t find a replacement for the calendar app.  

Maybe I need to take a hard look at Windows Phone 7.  Welcome back to the table Microsoft!