Monthly Archives: January 2011

Outsourced (2006)

I haven’t researched it, but I’d think that one of my newest fav TV shows is based on this movie.  The TV series of the same name is a half hour sitcom, a little more light hearted than it’s movie name-sake.  I likely enjoyed the movie more based on my interest in the series, so it’s a bit hard for me to judge how good this one is.  But I liked it, it’s not 100% mainstream typical so that’s a bonus.  And they seemed to make an effort to portray the leads lifestyle in India.

Beatdown (2010)

Low budget fight movie with relative unknowns.  Moderately entertaining at times, poor acting especially from the lead.  The fights are decent though graphic.  Not a great movie, and easy to pass on unless you totally bored and desperate.


Whip It (2009)

A young girl posing as someone of legal age, builds a career in women’s roller derby, when her mother has high hopes for her on the beauty pageant circuit.

A much better movie than I was expecting.  It has heart, emotion, action, and some humor.  Recommended.


Adventureland (2009)

Our lead character has to take a job at the local amusement park for the summer, in hopes of saving money to go to college.

This movie is better than I expected.  Which is how I tend to feel about most of the movies Jesse Eisenberg stars in.  He tends to star in these off the wall movies where you don’t know what to expect, and they usually end up being really good.  And to his credit, often due to his roles.  He has a way of making what would have been a mediocre movie at best, a really good one.  The guy is talented.


GravyTrain (2010)

This is a low budget satire of police shows from the 70s and 80s.  Just one of the problems is that it is so extremely over the top, that it’s painful, physically painful to watch.  It doesn’t work, and has the feel of a home made movie a few friends got together to make on a weekend afternoon.  And then those friends did a really bad job of making this would be movie.
This is one of those examples of how anything can get funded and anything can get published.  The fact that it got funded and published gives it 2 points.

The Pink Panther (2009)

Steve Martin as Insp. Jacques Clouseau.  This remake is okay for what it is.  There are a few laughs in it.  It’s always a pleasure to see Lily Tomlin in anything. She always brings some class and quality to any comedy.  I would not say this is a good example of Steve Martin’s best work.  He’s a good actor and a great comedien, but this is not a great movie.  It’s full of slap stick and one liners, and most everything is entirely predictable.  This movie feels like it’s trying to have the same flavor that the comedies of the original Pink Panther had, but it simply doesn’t happen unfortunately.
It’s light hearted and mindless, and good for a smile and chuckle.

And Soon the Darkness (2010)

Two young women travel on their own in Argentina, only to have one of them kidnapped and to be sold into slavery.  This is the adventure of this event and her friend’s stuggle to locate her.
The first half of this story is quite slow, but it turns very suspenceful and graphic. 

Moon (2009)

Moon is basically a one man Sci-Fi show.  The main character is the single human support staff for a mining operation on the moon.  It’s rather slow going, but also suspensefull with a few twists.  Not your average Hollywood style movie.  If you don’t mind the slow pace, this is a decent watch, but also a bit sad.