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The Numbers Station (2013)

image This is a dark action thriller spy movie.  What it isn’t, is Hollywood glitzy.  It has fights, blood, guns, shoot-outs and explosions.  But without the James Bond luck, and the good guys being better shots.  It’s a smart, well written, thinker’s drama. 

It’s a much better watch than expected from reading the general descriptions found on the unbiased movie sites.


The Interview (2014)

image If you aren’t aware of the issues that surround this movie, politically, in the media, and Sony’s cyber theft, you can check out my recent commentary here.  As well as thousands of articles online.

I’d like to start out by saying I’m not a hater.  I’m a fan of James Franco.  And I loved a previous movie he did that would probably fall into this same lowbrow comedy category, called This is the End.  But The Interview is a throw back to the cold war comedies that go too far to belittle and embarrass the “enemy”.  It was uncomfortable to watch a lot of the time, and I felt bad for the Asian actors that played many of the North Koreans.  The actor that plays Kim Jong Un has an American accent more often than his fake Korean accent.  Is that because he’s that bad an actor, or intended because most people that will appreciate this crap pile are expected to be too dumb to understand the character with an accent?  I’ll guess 50/50.

There are a few chuckles in it, I won’t lie.  The same as all 3 out of 10 rated comedies.

I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for the criminal act against Sony, and the following media attention, and Obama being a dick and calling Sony out for doing the “wrong” thing, this movie would have been a foot note in James Franco’s career.  But as a result it will end up being the opposite.  You got to wonder at the trail of events that brought us to this point.

Save the $6.99 asking price to rent this stinker online.  The cyber criminals that made threats to keep this movie from being released, just may have been doing us all a favour after all.