Operation Endgame (2010)

By | 2010-07-29

What the hell is this piece of crap movie?!  How did it even make it to market?

This is apparently a spy comedy.  It goes way beyond being needlessly violent.  It’s extreme senseless graphic horrific violence, with no plot what so ever.  With a little bit of comedy thrown in.  It has production values of good quality porn, and with less than porn quality writing.  It’s mind boggling that this was produced.  I can enjoy some graphic violent movies, if there is some story or reason for it, and it isn’t constant every 90 seconds and lasting for a painful length of time.  I’m embarrassed to say I wasted my time sitting through half this movie, as that’s all I could stand.  Not because I’m squeamish, but because it’s so incredibly bad.  A drunk teenager in a good mood might enjoy this flick…I said might.

The only redeeming part of this movie is the lengthy rant of insults Rob Corddry puts out near the beginning of the movie.  That’s somewhat entertaining.  I’ve enjoyed his off-beat comedy in the past.  But he can’t save this mess.

3/10 (is being considerate)

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