Black Death (2010)

By | 2010-09-09

Is this a good movie?  I have no idea.  I had to stop 10 minutes in from the head ache it gave me.  Not due to the story line, but due to the most extreme camera shake I have ever witnessed in a film.  The “camera man” (not that the idiot that held the camera deserves such a title) appears to be using a hand held camera without any sort of dampening system whatsoever.  Not only was there the typical motion associated with a hand-held camera while they constantly roam around, but add the feeling that this person holding the camera might also be physically shaking from some sort of trauma.  Or so it seems watching this jittery motion picture.  I’ve done a better job filming a wedding with a camcorder while drinking, than what you will witness in the Black Death.

The story itelf seemed to have promise, but be prepared for a disappointing viewing with potential motion sickness.


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