Tron: Legacy 3D (2010)

By | 2010-12-27

Tron the sequel, 28 years later.  If you are a Tron fan, it’s an obvious must see.  Is it a great movie?  No.  Is it as visionary as the original?  No.  Will it stay with us for years to come and impact future movies and terms as the first one did?  Definitely not.

I was really looking forward to this sequel, it’s been promoted for a couple years now.  It was good, fun to watch, but overall disapppointing considering the time it took to get made, and the hype it has received.  The 3D did not add as much impact as I had expected or hoped.  And some of the storey seems like a complete reinactment of the original.  This movie could have been a lot better, even with the exact storey line, I was left underwelmed with the camera work, direction, acting and characters.  Garrett Hedlund (young Flynn) played his role well, and it was fun to see Jeff Bridges and Brice Boxleitner in it for old times sake.  But it’s definitely underwelming for an original Tron fan.  And I’m curious if someone not familiar with the original will care for this movie at all.

7/10 (only for old times sake)

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