Monthly Archives: July 2011

Self Balancing Platform

I finally got around to building my Self Balancing Platform, otherwise known as a home made Segway.

I documented the completed project in my first YouTube video.


The Jiminy Space Flights

So I’m watching an actual NASA podcast video the other day, and the NASA hired narrator refers to the Gemini space flights as Jiminy, pronounces it like the cartoon cricket’s name.  Can you believe it?  How incredibly sad is that?!  First it’s sad for a NASA employee not to know how to pronounce it correctly, and more so when you seem to be one of few people in the world (and old enough) to know how to.


DivX Muvee Reveal Review


A few days ago I received an email from the DivX organization with their usual software discount promo, half price like it seems to be every 6 weeks.  But I noticed a new item, the Muvee Reveal easy video editing software.  

I’ve used several different video editing suites that can be bought for under a few hundred dollars, and have never been happy with them.  They are either incredibly slow, have a terrible user interface that requires hours and hours of use to get the least bit familiar with it, have poor output, will only import one or few specific file formats, can’t do HD, or simply work poorly overall.

So I thought, for under $15 with the extra charges let’s try this out without doing any research.  The website gave almost no relavent info about it other than marketing BS with little specifics.  But I felt adventurous and here are the results of my experience.

I imported some HD video into DivX Movee reveal taken from one of my cam corders.  Right off it wasn’t happy with HD video without downloading an addon.  There was no mention of this on the DivX site.  Then to analyze 3 clips with a total of less than 15 minutes of video took about 40 minutes running on a 4 core CPU Windows XP computer.  Every attempt to save the project to the hard drive resulted in a 1K file with no content, even though the file was growing accordingly during the export process.  When it was done it left a 1K file.  So I tried exporting it as SD content, and the program crashes part way through the export.

Yes the program is cheap, and as we always say, you get what you pay for.  In this case I got nothing but a waste of my time and absolutely no video good or bad to use.  Save your time and your $9.99 plus whatever service fees.  Not only will you be unsatisfied, if you have the same results as me you will get no output at all.

In case anyone wonders, no I never contacted DivX support.  I have for other reasons in the past, and the result was either no response at all, or receiving form letters with any relevance to the issue.  And requests for detailed responses to me complaints were returned with more dribble.  So I did not feel like wasting more of my time with DivX support for such a low priced item.  Good for you DivX, you suckered me out of some cash, likely knowing it’s small enough that few of us will complain and ask for it back.

Now I must reboot my computer as the “muvee Reveal” logo to embedded on my desktop on top of all my other apps, after yet another Movee Reveal crash.  Can you say uninstall?  I can.