Treasure Island (2012)

By | 2012-06-28

I don’t think anyone really needs a plot breakdown for a movie called Treasure Island.

This reincarnation is pathetic. I gave it a try mainly cause Donald Sutherland is listed in the credits, who most people would consider an excellent actor. But he has only a brief cameo in this turd of a film. It turns out this version is a British made for TV, two parter. It’s poorly acted, incredibly boring, not the least bit scenic, confusing, and the whole movie looks dirty like it’s been shot through a greasy lens or just slightly out of focus. Perhaps it was someone’s brilliant idea to make it seem rustic.

I’ve seen better films made by the CBC here in Canada, and that isn’t saying much. So in the realm of government sponsored history films made by the British Colonies, this one ranks up there with some of the worst. So it’s in good company.

Needless to say, do not press record, do not rent, do not download. If possible, press delete.



Note: The frame of the map was the most appealing image I could find to share from the movie.

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