Green Lantern (2011)

By | 2011-10-08

Considering all the hype about this movie, and seeing pre-release trailers long in advance of it’s debut, I was shocked at how poor this movie turned out to be.

I was not familiar with this comic book hero, assuming it is actually based on a comic book, so I can’t compare it to the original concept.  So based on no preconceived notion, I felt I was watching a bad remake to the movie The Mask with Jim Carrey, from 1994.  This super hero’s special powers are the ability to make comic book style objects appear, not unlike in The Mask.  He magically creates race tracks, machine guns, brick walls, and alike.  Instead of a mask he has a magic ring.  Unlike The Mask, this storey has no depth at all.  It’s written for 8 to 10 year old boys.  Yes Ryan Reynolds is hot and nice to look at, and that’s the only redeeming quality we are left with.  Other than young boys perhaps, adults and girls will have no interest in this shallow and poorly written yawner.  The women in this movie are chronically miserable and bitchy, and when in trouble frightened and helpless.  Hardly role models for modern day girls.

I was looking forward to seeing the Green Lantern, and saddly disappointed with what a steaming pile it turned out to be.


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