Conan the Barbarian (2011)

By | 2011-12-30

There is certainly nothing wrong with the production value of this movie.  It’s well made and well told.  And it’s an interesting remake of the storey.  However it’s lacking something, that something is definitely not big muscles, but it simply doesn’t come across as a great show.  There is no charisma.  No charm.  No interest in siding with the good guy or bad.  It’s just mindless action that passes in front of you.

I really enjoyed the version in 1982 with big Arnold, but looking back it was one of Arnold’s early movies, and I doubt in reality it was any better.  He also had no personality in his acting at that stage.  So being young and loving action movies I liked it.  If I were to watch it for the first time today, I wonder if he also would appear to lack the same soul this version lacks.  So that being said, I think the lack of soul in this movie is due to Jason Momoa’s performance.  But I think he has a lot of potential.  Let’s hope he develops that spark that Arnold also did and brings more life to his future action films.


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  1. Matt Stewart

    Not a bad rating, nice work you have here. I haven’t seen this as I am not a fan of the original, but it doesn’t sound too terrible!

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