TP-LINK Switch Issues

By | 2012-01-06

During the night my TP-Link TL-SG1024 24 Port Switch failed, going into a constant restart cycle.  I knew about it before I even got up in the morning, since it’s the main switch in my home.  And yes, I have most of the ports used since I have so many IP devices and network plugs installed.  My Windows workstation monitors network and server activity, and when it goes bad a voice tells me the network is down.  I was hearing the voice synthesizer quietly in my dreams all night and dreaming accordingly.

I had purchased this TP-Link switch from a local computer store called Computer Boulevard or Cbit.  The interesting thing is I purchased it barely 4 months ago when the previous switch failed, an old D-Link 24 port 10/100 switch that I had bought used years ago, and it had worked well beyond it’s years.  So money well spent.  When I bought the TP-Link switch I commented to the salesman at Cbit that I wasn’t that impressed with TP-Link and I’d rather have another brand, but that was the only 24 port Gigabit switch they carried in stock.  He went out of his way to go on about how good TP-Link was, that they never have any TP-Link items returned and yadda yadda they are so great.  I assume it was all due to him wanting the sale and not having me leave as I was obviously about to.  I remember telling him how I had my doubts but if he thought so highly of this item I would give it a try.  That was this past September.

So this morning I look up the TP-Link warranty, it describes Expedited Warraty and Normal Warraty.  Expeditied Warranty being described as you take it back to the retailer and they replace it, and the retailer will look after returning it.  I find my receipt, and take the device in.  And low and behold the same saleperson is working today, and I’m one of maybe 2 other customers in the store.  No one at Cbit comes to help me, everyone is sitting around and visiting, and no one at the front desk.  I go to the original saleman, tell him all the above, and he tells me to go to the service counter.  I ask if I can have a new one to replace it with today, he says sure if I want to buy a new one to replace it, if I feel like it?  Yes, if I feel like it.  Otherwise you wait till they send you a new one, if you have a receipt.  He asks if I want him to sell me a new one today.  Yes, I need one in a hurry.  I already did my own research and they have what I consider a better name brand “D-Link”, as I pointed out I don’t want the TP-Link again.  He’s less than friendly and visibly wanted little to do with me after telling him how he raved about the failed switch back in September. 

Needless to say any product can fail, even quality name brands, but I think the part that annoys me is I questioned my purchase back in September and got the hard sell, so the least I would expect today (especially from the very same guy) is better service and maybe some fake words of concern and appology.

My next stop was at the Service Desk, where I was made to fill out their warranty form after waiting way too long for the lazy guy behind the counter with his back to me, to finish his important work of booting up someone’s computer that wasn’t waiting for it, I’m the only Service Desk customer waiting.  I had to ask 5 times, yes 5 times from the Customer Service person with poor English to find out what the expected procedure was to get it replaced.  But his English was good enjoy to keep asking me to sign the form and initial in not 1 but 3 spots on their warranty contract.

So what do you think, is this quality service?  And I’m actually putting a polite spin on the whole experience.

As for the TL-SG1024, it will likely be the last TP-Link item I buy.  And if I’m really lucky it will eventually be returned and kept as a backup unit, should the D-Link ever fail and I need to order a new switch from NewEgg.  Yes I said from  I get excellent service from them!

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