Haywire (2011)

By | 2012-06-06

Haywire is an uncomplicated spy versus spy movie. With one noticeable exception; the lead character is a woman. A woman that would put the fighting skills of James Bond to shame, meaning she can’t be killed and can beat up and kill any man alive with barely a bruise to show for it. So it’s extremely realistic. Plus she’s a flat bitchy character, and when I say flat, I’m not talking about her boobs.

For an uncomplicated movie, the first few minutes come across the complete opposite with seemly overly complicated dialogue and plot. They want us to figure out on our own what the movie is about. Not a new concept in story telling, but for many reasons, the process they take here is extremely annoying.

Our movie makers also constantly change the techniques they use in portraying the film, by using different camera and editing styles in one scene than another, lacking sound effects in some scenes and having far too many in others. I got the impression it was a film student’s first attempt at making a movie, and thought that using every movie trick he/she learned in the same movie would be artsy. It’s not, it’s obvious and irritating.

Haywire is not fun to watch, it’s painful on several levels. Don’t watch this, you have better things to do.



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