How to Stop Dog Tags from Jingling

By | 2012-06-15

I had to add another tag to our dog’s collar recently, and found the ringing bell sound of multiple tags annoying. So I did a quick search online, and found solutions like using elastic bands, tape, little doggie collar purses, leaving the collar off indoors, and custom rubber tag edging. None of which were to my liking.

So I came up with my own solution, simply using a rubber “O-Ring” to separate each tag. If you aren’t familiar with an O-ring, it’s a round dense rubber ring that is used as a seal in various types of machinery, and can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Separating each tag with an O-ring will not completely silence the dog collar/tag noise, but it brings you close to the sound you’d experience with a single dog tag, and not the x-mas sleigh-bells noise. I would suggest using a size around 1″ (25mm), something a little smaller than the tags itself.

The big advantage I see by using this type of solution is that you can still easily handle and see both sides of the tags, without having to undo elastic bands, tape, purses, or forgetting to put the collar back on.

Here are some example pics:



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