The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

By | 2012-11-25

Batman rises as an aging, somewhat crippled, emotionally damaged and broke recluse. Not a typical Batman remake or sequel compared to the last few, as this one is darker in a more humanistic way, both sad and somewhat disturbing. Yet it still held my attention the entire 2 hours and 40 some minutes.

Well made and interesting in it’s dark cruelty, it’s definitely not even close to my favourite Batman movie. Probably at the very bottom of the list. Yet it’s not a bad movie at all. It’s quite a good in fact, but in my opinion, a bad Batman movie. For me this story shouldn’t even be about Batman, but simply a sad tale of an aging and depressed fallen super hero. As it doesn’t embody the nature of the Batman character, but twists it into something new. Some people will like this contrast, and some will not appreciate it, as I didn’t. I would have enjoyed this movie far more had it been about some generic super hero with these issues. For me it damages the Batman franchise. This isn’t what I want to see in a super hero movie. At least not one I have fond memories of.

But the story appears to be a set up for this Batman to retire and bring us a new younger version. So we shall see what happens next time, likely with a new director, writers and another off track storyline to switch things up.



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