BlackBerry Playbook Blowout Sale!

By | 2013-01-22

BestBuy Canada really wants to dump their stock of the loser BlackBerry Playbook. They are blowing them out at $80. What’s sadder than that is it now shows as sold out. Which means people ran out to buy this thing.

When I classify this as a loser, it’s because I own one and have since the first time it went on sale early last year, cause no one wanted it and sales were in the dumpster from the beginning.

The Playbook OS is great in general. The hardware sucks completely; it’s slow, has horrible battery life, it’s heavy, it’s too thick, apps are lacking, and the power button is nearly impossible to press without pressing it with a sharp stick hard enough to expect to damage the button.

RIM takes years to update a product if they ever do, so there was never a improved or faster version of the Playbook, and I’ll be shocked if there ever will be.

The best thing that could happen to the Playbook OS would be is a company like Samsung or Asus got their hands on it after ROM goes out of business. I’ll look forward to that version of the Playbook.


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