Elysium (2013)

By | 2013-09-23

We have the same old Sci-Fi “end of the world” rich people against poor plot. The only difference about Elysium would be the particular brand of tech and space station involved in the story. There is really little change in theme from Matt Damon’s Bourne movie series.

It’s fairly well told, entertaining action, and special effects are excellent. It was fun to see Jody Foster as the villain, but they could have done a lot more to build her character. And in the end it felt like her character just gave up, and we have to guess why, cause it was completely out of character. The movie would have been a lot better with her character having more air time, substance, and end fight.

The ending wraps everything up in a pretty little cute unrealistic bow. Which I could have done without. Sure have the good guys win, but maybe without the completely expected perfect ending. They obviously knew this was a one win pony and had no hope for a sequel. The ending in Sci-Fi doesn’t seem to matter that much these days, it’s all about the punch you can throw into a really good trailer. It’s a reasonably good movie with an infantile ending.



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