Lenovo Tries the Old Sony Trick

A few years back, Sony intentionally infected peoples computers with a type of virus called a Rootkit, that was part of their copy-protection technology philosophy for their music business.  They felt they could justify this quasi illegal behaviour, up until people found out about it.  Then they blamed a third party software company for doing… Read More »

Have your Podcasts Show Up in Kodi/XBMC as TV Shows

I’ve been an avid fan and user of a home theatre software package called SageTV for many years.  It was (and in many ways still is) the best home theatre and TV show recording software available for the DIY STB (set top box) person. Unfortunately for those of us that were customers and loyal users,… Read More »

The Numbers Station (2013)

This is a dark action thriller spy movie.  What it isn’t, is Hollywood glitzy.  It has fights, blood, guns, shoot-outs and explosions.  But without the James Bond luck, and the good guys being better shots.  It’s a smart, well written, thinker’s drama.  It’s a much better watch than expected from reading the general descriptions found… Read More »

The Interview (2014)

If you aren’t aware of the issues that surround this movie, politically, in the media, and Sony’s cyber theft, you can check out my recent commentary here.  As well as thousands of articles online. I’d like to start out by saying I’m not a hater.  I’m a fan of James Franco.  And I loved a… Read More »

Sony Pulls Movie, Obama Condemns Sony

I saw in the tech news this morning that Obama went on TV and declared that he feels Sony made a mistake to back down to the threats against them for the recent hacking of their company computers.  The hacking is supposedly over the movie The Interview, that makes fun of North Korea. The FBI… Read More »

Predestination (2014)

Based on a short story by Robert Heinlein, this is a complicated time travel drama, that includes the trials and tribulations of a young androgynous girl, that is forced into a sex change by medical practitioners of a past era. This is a very well made and acted movie.  It’s also as far from a… Read More »

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

I expected this movie to be lame and overall disappointing.  I was totally wrong!  This was one of the most entertaining movies I’ve appreciated in some time. If you could take a box and drop in the following movies:• Buck Rogers• The Chronicles of Riddick• Raider of the Lost Ark• Battlestar Galactica• Star Wars• The… Read More »

Switched Blogging Software

As my handful of followers may (or may not) have noticed, my blog has not been updated much lately.  A combination of life getting in the way of doing this (and other equally important things), and my favourite blogging app no longer working. Up until today, I’ve used BlogDesk.  A quick, simple and easy to… Read More »

Walmart Privacy Invasion

Recently I was refused a purchase at Walmart in Winnipeg, on McPhillips St. in Garden City. I wanted to purchase a Fido SIM card only. I did not want to activate it, I only wanted to purchase it. The clerk at the electronics desk refused to sell it to me without seeing and recording my… Read More »

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