The Lost Tribe (2009)

By | 2010-08-04

Lame, low budget and full of inconsistencies.  Five people get marooned on an uncharted island that is inhabited by a dozen mutant cavemen with superhuman strength.  They seem to speak a language that sounds like Latin, can jump a hundred feet in the air, and leap at least the same distance at a time, like to eat human hearts and can punch their little fists right through you without effort.  Oh ya, the lead monkey wears the skull of a Sabre Toothed Tiger as a hat.  That alone is amusing since they have been extinct for 10,000 years, but then again so have mutant superman apes I guess.   The only person to survive is a spoiled Barbie doll like chic who isn’t that scared of the monsters.

And they made massive use of one of my movie pet peeves, they filmed night time scenes during the day using a dark filter.  At least do it on a cloudy day so we don’t see all the high contrast shadows.  Beyond lame!

Does this sound like a good movie to you?

They could have easily taken their small budget, used the general plot, left out all the stupidity, added some suspense, and created a reasonably enjoyably scary movie with no more effort that would have hit the mark.

4/10 (PASS!)

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