Mini Cycle Idiot

By | 2012-07-25

Yesterday I’m heading out on some errands, and as I turn onto Morray, I hear a screaming little engine, I look left onto the bridge and some idiot on one of those mini-motorcycles is racing down the street, swerving back and forth across two of the three lanes like a child on a new bike. Not out of control, just being an ass. All the while there is traffic all around. So he passes me and he ends up at the Morray and Portage intersection, where I take this bad pic with my phone through my dirty windshield.

My first thoughts were, those can’t be legal on the road, and even if they were he’s driving like an idiot and is dangerous. Ya I know, I’m grown up and boring. Look at this guy, he’s easily 6’2″ on this tiny thing.

So he turns the corner onto Portage and immediately crosses 3 lanes cutting traffic off with this thing pinned. Just after this I hear a very loud POP. I figure he blew the motor. I look over and his back tire blew, and the back end of the “bike” is swinging back and forth all over the place, like what normally happens when a tire goes completely flat at speed. He manages to stay up and rolls to a stop in the parking lot at the bank on the corner.

Had this happened a minute earlier on the Morray bridge when I first saw him, where the speed limit is 80km/hr, while he was purposely weaving back and firth across lanes at this things top speed, he would have been a road smear and likely ran over. All with not even a helmet on.

Ahhh shucks! I was that close to nominating someone (with my own pics) for the Darwin Awards! Disappointing? I’m sure the idiot will kill himself another day. Let’s hope he doesn’t take one of us with him.



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