The Dinosaur Project (2012)

By | 2012-09-16

A British adventurer, his son, and a film crew walk into a bar…I mean discover a secret part of Africa where dinosaurs still exist. My review starts out like it might be a joke, but the jokes on you if you watch this movie, as it’s really bad! You’ll be groaning by the end cause it’s such a bad joke.

The concept that these particular modern day people could be the first to discover a huge area where giant dinosaur lizards exist, and no one else know about it is simply ridiculous for a movie plot. In fact the pterodactyls in the movie are so prevalent in the sky that they accident crash into their helicopter. So how stupid is it to think in this day and age that no one would have discovered the dinosaurs before now? And that plot problem is just one in the list of issues I had with this stinker.

Intended to appear to be shot in the worthless and annoying Blair Witch handy-cam style, the fake video capture attempt is beyond lame and is not consistent throughout the movie. The acting is bad, the plot is thin, and the movie just suddenly ends leaving you shocked the credits are running and you didn’t realize the story was over. But then you are very grateful that it has!



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