Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

By | 2012-09-25

A dramatic remake of the fairy tale Snow White. But not the prettified Disney version we all know, but a dark and sinister story.

I liked this movie, except for one thing, Snow White. I don’t like Kristen Stewart as an actor, as she is an absolutely horrible actress in my opinion. In my mind, she is one of those phenomenons of Hollywood, where there seems to be no rhyme or reason to someone becoming an actor or celebrity, other than perhaps being at the right place at the right time or knowing someone with a great deal of influence. Regardless, she brings nothing to this movie or the character. The only thing worse than her acting is her British accent. Then again, Charlize Theron English accent is also poor. So if it weren’t for the disappointing portrayal of Snow White, and the bad fake British accents, I would have given this movie 3 more points, as everything else was very well done.



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