Total Recall (2012)

By | 2012-12-09

I totally recall the original movie starring big Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I totally forgot that Sharon Stone was in it, till I looked on IMDB to get the spelling of Schwarzenegger’s name. I have fond memories of the original Total Recall from 1990. It was an excellent movie at the time, great action, state of the art effects, a lot of fun to watch. Now it appears dated. And the modern theme in Sci-Fi is to make things look more realistic and dark like Blade Runner, and less clean and stylish like in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

This 2012 version takes the general plot of the original movie, and puts it into the world and scenery we are familiar with in Blade Runner. Add the flying car action scenes we found exciting in The Fifth Element. And finish with the robot design from, I Robot. So if you steal from those 4 outstanding movies, you end up with this. Nothing original here at all, just a great Sci-Fi action movie that is really well done. Well it’s not 100%, the last few minutes are a bit confusing and in return disappointing. Otherwise we’d have a 10.



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