The Bourne Legacy (2012)

By | 2012-12-16

A spy action thriller movie from the Jason Bourne series, but without Jason Bourne. We have a new character, another super spy from a secret study that they decided to make disappear. New guy, similar concept, I can’t even remember the character’s name the next day.

Legacy has a distinct low-budget B-movie feel to it. It’s often slow and tedious. And unfortunately our lead (Jeremy Renner) simply doesn’t have the star quality needed to pull this one off. You want to like this guy, but there is something missing from him being a big time action star. Voice isn’t deep enough, seems like a nice guy that is just overly angry at times. He has two looks in this film, stone faced or angry faced. He makes a great supporting actor, but doesn’t do it for me as the lead. Seeing him on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago made me want to like this movie more, but it didn’t help.

The chronically helpless and totally dependant female lead becomes annoying as well. In this day and age, we don’t typically see the female lead as the endlessly traumatized victim that is constantly saved, she generally fights back some. But not here, she is completely helpless, and you just want to reach out and shake her. Grab a pair honey, and shoot the guy, it’s an action movie, you aren’t a rape victim in an 80’s TV movie.

The Bourne Legacy is okay, but there are better action movies out there to watch, even ones with seemingly lower budgets than this.



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