Monthly Archives: April 2013

Leap Motion Delaying Shipments Again

The long (very long) anticipated hand gesture device from Leap Motion has yet another delay. I think it’s close to a year since I first placed my pre-order for the device. Since they first went public with this much hyped gadget, they’ve claimed how fantastic it already was, yet customers are still waiting to see a working version for sale. They’ve been vague about shipping dates for the better part of a year since they first offered pre-orders. I’ve emailed them twice in that time, and both times received polite replies with little information.

They finally offered a release date not that long ago May 13. Today they emailed pre-order customers, and pushed that date back to July 22. Personally I’ll be surprised if a device ever ships to end users like myself.

I heard that Leap Motion has recently had press releases claiming a deal with HP for their gesture technology in HP laptops. Seems consistent to me that they keep putting out new hype all the time about a device that has yet to go for sale.