Man of Steel (2013)

By | 2013-10-20

Man ‘o Steel is a decent Superman remake. Decent but it still lacks in many ways.

Special effects are arguably flawless and fantastic. Our new Superman, actor Henry Cavill who I like, played a very boring and monotone super hero. The main villain, played by Michael Shannon, who I know best from the TV series Empire, does not a scary villain make. He’s excellent on Empire, but his voice is not the voice of a super villain. And even when he tries to act scary, it’s strange and surreal. So the story is built around a boring super hero and villain. With too many secondary characters that have little to no back story.

The movie is long, and like many movies over 2 hours long, it’s too long for what they have to offer us. And there are missing (unless it’s just me) explanations for things like, where did his perfectly fitting indestructible super suit come from? They explained how he wasn’t genetically designed like everyone else on his planet, so they had no way of knowing how he’d mature, so how could they have pre-made a form fitting suit for him? Maybe they did and it’s just really stretchy. There just seems to be a lot of holes in the story that could have been explained since it’s such a long movie.

I was left feeling bored and disappointed, and looking forward to the climax.



2 thoughts on “Man of Steel (2013)

  1. movieandtvbuff

    Never even heard of Henry Cavil before Man of Steel, Honestly.

  2. abstractviews

    I first noticed Henry Cavil in a movie I liked named “Immortals” from 2011. And then later recognized him in “The Cold Light of Day” with Bruce Willis the following year. He seems to have a good length of credits on IMDB, but those are the two movies where I noticed him.

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