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By | 2013-11-28


When in recent human history have the dregs of society been drawn like a magnet to anything like website comments?

Douche bags, idiots, mentally disturbed and losers with nothing better to do, flock to any website where they can share their negative, hateful, or at best off-beat opinions, thinking the rest of us want to see and read this garbage. And why do these scum bags think they can get away with voicing their opinions in public? Because the Internet allows them to do so (in most cases) anonymously.

Most of these people would not have the balls to say what they say in public if we all knew who they were. Why? Generally they would be shy, embarrassed, know better, or be afraid of being confronted personally or legally. But the Internet is a god send to the world’s human trash. They get to spew till in rare cases they get caught and confronted.

Recently Google has tried to deal with this problem on their media property YouTube. By requiring people wanting to comment to sign up at Google+, where in most cases they are required use their real name. Awesome! Well most intelligent people would think it’s awesome. According to the media, there was a huge backlash against this change. Shocking! If we can believe the often sensational and self serving “media” who often specialize in making “news” from small events, why would it be a surprise? It turns out the losers that use their anonymity to abuse and attack others were upset when their prize hobby was no longer the same or as safe. Not unlike a vandal being required to leave a personalized business card behind after doing their damage.

I enjoy seeing positive and informative comments on my own sites. But even this little personal blog has received some negative and trashy comments. And to those people let me explain something to you. This is a personal blog. No comments are posted without my approval. In fact I will only post positive and constructive comments I like and feel are appropriate. And for your information, the Internet DOES NOT have a rule that says you have a right to post your opinion where ever you want! If you have an opinion, get your own website and take responsibility for your own comments publicly. We all know that this type of person will rarely do so, as they are vandals at heart and attack in the shadows. These are the same type of people that will key your car in a parking lot when no one is looking, or poison your pet if they had a chance.

And to the angry, emotionally disturbed, and illogical woman that wrote me to call me a racist and to claim that all white men in North America are rapists (yes she said rapists, and it was completely out of context) I say get a life! Get your own blog, have your own opinions, and if people are interested they will come and read it, like you were interested in reading mine.

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