Robocop (2014)

By | 2014-03-02

The story of a severely injured cop that is turned in a cyborg to enhance corporate profits.

I’m old enough to remember sitting excitedly in a theatre in 1987 with my buddy, waiting for the original movie version to start. Discussing how it might compare to the book version that we both had already read. We loved the original movie at the time. Which looks very dated by today’s standards.

In typical modern remake style, the basic original concept remains true. Yet they tweak the story enough to make it interesting and somewhat unique.

Early in the movie they have the fabricated Robocop all in brushed silver, and locked in his somewhat organic looking stasis stand. I couldn’t help notice the similarity of the two contraptions combined had to the robot in little movie called “Saturn 3”, staring Farrah Fawcett in 1980. Not a great movie, but it had cutting edge robotics and animatronics for the time. True Sci-Fi fans should be able to remember this arguably classic movie.

Our new Robocop is a pretty decent movie overall, with one major complaint and defect. Far too many current movie creators are using small SLR sized cameras for certain types of scenes. The problem occures when they do so without use of any “steady cam” equipment, meaning the camera is constantly shaking and moving about, causing distraction to the viewer and even headaches when watching on a large screen. Many of the indoor personal scenes are done with intolerable camera shake and unnecessary panning and awkward movement, ruining the scenes entirely. This type of moving making is for junior-high students making a school project, not for a major motion picture we are paying money for.

Other than the garbage camera work in many personal indoor scenes, this is a fun action movie, that does the original justice.



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