Percy Jackson & the Olympians – The Lightning Thief (2010)

By | 2010-07-30

The name alone nearly put me off from seeing this one.  It simply is not an attractive name for a movie.  The title makes you feel you’ll be watching a series of linked episodes from a bad TV series that made it to DVD.  But I was pleasantly surprised that this flick was far better that what I was expecting.  And it is a real motion picture, and not a redistributed TV series.

It’s a modernized version of some Greek myths, with a teenage hero, the son of the god Poseidon.  It’s a really well done, entertaining story, with excellent special effects, and some notable actors.  It’s an enjoyable 2 hours if you like remakes of Greek myths, even though this one bastardizes the true myths it is based on.  Still an excellent fantasy.


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