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Vampires Suck (2010)

This is your typical tongue-in-cheek satirical remake of a popular movie; in this case the Twilight movies.
It’s fun and funny, and in my opinion, far better than the movies it makes fun of.  Of course I’m not an emotionally tortured teenage girl, and simply can’t relate to the “tragedy” that those characters go through.  But Vampires Suck will take each and every immature moment from the Twilight movies, and show how over the top and silly they really are.  I think every adult that has seen these movies will sit there and giggle while they nod their head in agreement, while it picks Twilights flaws a part one by one.
Just one man’s opinion.

You Again (2010)

This is a smart, cute, entertaining romanic comedy.  Nothing earth shaking here, just a fun, feel good, family oriented movie.  There are many noticable movie and TV stars.  
The movie brings across a simple message that everyone can relate to; how we all suffered in some way or another growing up and at the hands of our peers in school, and how a time comes when we need to let that go and move on, cause it’s unlikely anyone was exempt from these harsh experiences.

Bodies Exhibition Review (Winnipeg)

A friend and I recently went to The Bodies Exhibit in Winnipeg, and this is my (our) review and personal experience, and personal opinion of what we saw.

Overall we were left rather underwhelmed.  We weren’t sure what exactly to expect, other than hearing verbal reviews from people that had already been.

Our first impressions were less than great.  The lobby was extremely disorganized, and poorly set up, with no signage instructing people where to line up to buy tickets or how to enter.  Nor is the entrance/lobby area very large for the size of exhibit, or the number of people they have wait before allowing entry.  Instead of a well set up entry and ticket lobby, there was a rather unkept man wearing a well-worn old blazer barking at people, telling them where to go to buy tickets or get in line.  I saw this guy physically and aggressively grab a man’s arm that was confused about where he was to go, and pulled on him so hard that he nearly fell over, he had to hop on one foot several times to regain his balance so he didn’t fall to the ground.  He politely laughed it off, but it was completely uncalled for.

The woman holding peope back from the entrance once you had tickets was…what can I say, to be extremely polite, “rough around the edges”.  She apparently thought she was being amusing by harrassing me about not looking and sounding excited enough about being there, and didn’t seem to want to let it go.  She practically insisted that everyone had to have their pictures taken in front of a green screen before entry, “Just for fun”, as she put it.  And she made no offer to present this as an option.  We felt it was presented in a rather bullying way, and the average person simply went along with it.  They were obviously planning to make the attempt to sell them at the end of your tour as a souvenir in the gift shop.  We pointed out we had no intension of having our pictures taken, and her and the “photographer” seemed rather shocked we didn’t want this “experience”.

Once we entered the exhibit, there was, I suppose, a reasonable number of displays, ranging from full bodies in various stages of dissection, to individual organs and body parts.  We were surprised that the body parts and internal organs all appeared to be very dry and extremely pale.  For some reason we both expected the preserved orgams and exposed tissues to be preserved and displayed in a glossy looking fashion, so as to appear more realistic, and more pink and red.  In fact all the orgams and body parts were very dry, matt, and pale, in the realm of shades of white, grey and beige, making most everything to appear like plastic and latex models.  I can only assume all the displays on exhibit are real bodies and body parts, but since everything is so pale and processed they completely appear as models, so there is little risk of being shocked or feeling sick by what you see, as nothing appears as realistic as you would imagine when you hear about this exhibit.

Personally, we felt that some of the employees were less than professional while we were there.  The tickets were roughly $20, which seemed a bit steep for what we took in.  Overall, we were not as impressed as we had hoped to be.


Get Him to the Greek (2010)

This is one fracked up movie, but I loved it!  It’s a satirical comedy about a rock star attempting his come back.  You’ll see cameos of current and past celebrities.  It’s off-the-wall, unpredictable, and fun.


Salt (2010)

Angelina Jolie stars as a spy in this fast paced action/adventure.  The movie has a few welcome twists and turns and is not completely predictable as most movies these days are.  As action movies go, this flick is really well done and holds your attention from beginning to end.

Tron: Legacy 3D (2010)

Tron the sequel, 28 years later.  If you are a Tron fan, it’s an obvious must see.  Is it a great movie?  No.  Is it as visionary as the original?  No.  Will it stay with us for years to come and impact future movies and terms as the first one did?  Definitely not.

I was really looking forward to this sequel, it’s been promoted for a couple years now.  It was good, fun to watch, but overall disapppointing considering the time it took to get made, and the hype it has received.  The 3D did not add as much impact as I had expected or hoped.  And some of the storey seems like a complete reinactment of the original.  This movie could have been a lot better, even with the exact storey line, I was left underwelmed with the camera work, direction, acting and characters.  Garrett Hedlund (young Flynn) played his role well, and it was fun to see Jeff Bridges and Brice Boxleitner in it for old times sake.  But it’s definitely underwelming for an original Tron fan.  And I’m curious if someone not familiar with the original will care for this movie at all.

7/10 (only for old times sake)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)

This movie is a bit difficult to relate.  It’s an off-beat fantasy-romantic-comedy.  Some of the characters have comic book hero powers.  And they are related on the screen in a video game style.
Our young confused hero has to fight multiple villans for his girlfriend(s).  It’s all done with tongue-in-cheek humour.  If this sounds interesting to you, it’s actually a lot of fun to watch.  Definitely not a movie for everyone, but if you like this sort of thing, it’s a winner.

Easy A (2010)

This is an excellent, intelligent, teenage romantic comedy.  Not the typical teenage movie.  Worth seeing.
Spoiler Alert:  The teenagers are all about 23, like usual in these movies.

Skyline (2010)

Skyline is the complete and total bastard love-child of “War of the Worlds” and “Independance Day”, but he’s not as good at entertaining us nor as much fun as his parents.  And the women is this film are certainly not strong modern movie characters.  They are extremely whiney and bitchy, right up till they die.  With all things considered doesn’t happen soon enough in this storey.
Special effects are great, action is reasonable, completely low budget feel, and yet still mildly worth seeing if you are a sci-fi fan.  But if you aren’t you’ll hate it.
Spoiler Alert: If you are hoping for a happy Hollywoord ending, then you’ll be sorely disappointed.
7/10 (maybe a 6.5)

Splice (2010)

Basically a concept rip off of the Species movies from a few years back, but not as good.  Mix that with a mild version of Sybill‘s mother.

A scientist couple create a new life form that they secretly adopt as their daughter.  The female scientist uses her own egg in the experiment and the off-spring-creature ends up being mentally disturbed like her “mother”.

You would think from this twisted combination of themes that it would be an exciting movie.  Well not so much.  It’s actually rather boring and slow, and other than a few slightly intense scenes, a definite yawner.

Don’t be afraid to pass this one by and try another flick.