Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (2012)

By | 2012-11-12

Abe the Vampire Hunter, portrays Abraham Lincoln as a super human ninja like monster killer, that wields a silver tipped ax like a samurai sword. He kills vampires that can walk around in daylight so long as they wear shades and a touch of sun block. Who knew they had sun glasses and sun screen back then?! Now you know. It’s like a history lesson for U.S. patriots, all rolled up in one painful package.

He can cut down a large tree with a single swing, simply cause he gets that darn angry. No other explanation for the super power, he’s just really pissed sometimes.

There is absolutely no reason to watch this movie, not even for us vampire movie fans. Abe Vamp Hunter is a horrible, forgettable movie, far worse than I had imagined it would be.



One thought on “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (2012)

  1. xxiamkristinxx

    I’ve been wondering about this movie, trying to figure out if I should see it or not and it Sounds like by your review, it’s not really worth it. I’ve been asking my friend, CINEMATADOR to do a review but he won’t even watch it. LOL

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