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Thunderbird RSS Feed Not Displaying Inline Images

By default, Thunderbird has “Feed Message Body” set to “Summary”.  However, it will not display some feeds with images as intended based on the formatting of the webpage code.  Some feeds will display “correctly” while others will not.

My solution is to change the default settings in the menu and in config so you can balance the best of both types of feeds, RSS feeds that display well Thunderbird and ones that do not.  Meaning that we need the un-cooperative feeds to display the entire webpage instead of the summary.  This takes up a little more time to render, and a lot more of the screen area, so personally I don’t want all feeds to display the full web page if not necessary.


Thunderbird > View > Feed Message Body As: Default Format

Thunderbird > Tools > Account Settings > RSS > Manage Subscriptions:

– Open each feed tree and Edit the Settings.

– For each feed that displayed correctly before, check “Show the article summary…”

– And for the un-cooperative feeds that only displayed text and no inline images, leave them unchecked.

Close the “Manage Subsciptions” window.

Click “OK” on “Account Settings”.

One of the Last Canadian Version Nexus Ones Sold Direct by Google


I recently received my second Google/HTC Nexus One.  The first one I bought on eBay, and was not 3G compatible with Canadian carriers.  But it was one of the first ones sold in the US when they became available in January of 2010.

I couldn’t have timed the purchase of my second Nexus One better.  I ordered it on July 20th, on July 21st Google discontinued direct online phone sales, and I received it on July 22nd.

The Nexus One is now available unlocked to registered developers only on the Android Market.  But it appears to be only the version with the radio tuned to the carrier frequencies used in the US for 3G, the same unit as my earlier model.

Here are un-boxing photos of my second Nexus One and the car dock.


What kind of company NOT to buy from….

I recently placed a small order for a few items from, after not dealing with them for a few years.  I paid extra to have my order shipped Express, and after not receiving my items in a reasonable time, contacted the courier, who promptly said, “Yes the order seems to be lost.  Please contact the shipper as we can’t give you the details ortrace it for you, the shipper has to contact us.”

I contacted TigerDirect customer service, to find out that they sent my order to an address in another province.  They made no effect to contact me.  Made lame excuses when I took offence to this.  He couldn’t get me off the phone fast enough, and had no interest in making the smallest effert to satisfy me.  And on top of that, told me that I had to place my order again myself, they had no interest in reshipping my order.

Even after I made 2 additional attempts to contact some other customer service people about this issue, I received a reply with equal indifference and disinterest in my complaint.  They wouldn’t even credit my credit card till they received the items back from the woman they shipped my order to by their own mistake.  I was told I could either place a new order, or not, it was up to me.

Is this the type of company you want to waste your time and money on?

Who to buy from….

So I ordered these items from and they drop shipped them immediately from 3 different locations, and supplied excellent service with a surprisingly good online shipping update notification system.  I was impressed.

The Lost Tribe (2009)

Lame, low budget and full of inconsistencies.  Five people get marooned on an uncharted island that is inhabited by a dozen mutant cavemen with superhuman strength.  They seem to speak a language that sounds like Latin, can jump a hundred feet in the air, and leap at least the same distance at a time, like to eat human hearts and can punch their little fists right through you without effort.  Oh ya, the lead monkey wears the skull of a Sabre Toothed Tiger as a hat.  That alone is amusing since they have been extinct for 10,000 years, but then again so have mutant superman apes I guess.   The only person to survive is a spoiled Barbie doll like chic who isn’t that scared of the monsters.

And they made massive use of one of my movie pet peeves, they filmed night time scenes during the day using a dark filter.  At least do it on a cloudy day so we don’t see all the high contrast shadows.  Beyond lame!

Does this sound like a good movie to you?

They could have easily taken their small budget, used the general plot, left out all the stupidity, added some suspense, and created a reasonably enjoyably scary movie with no more effort that would have hit the mark.

4/10 (PASS!)

IMAX: Hubble 3D (2010)

It’s a documentary, it’s big, it’s space, it’s 3D, it’s Imax.  If you like anything to do with outer-space, and you enjoy 3D, you will love this.  Excellent videography and computer animation in 3D.

10/10 (all things considered)

Battle for Terra (2007)

A CGI animated story with a familiar general plot.  The last remains of the people from a dead and ravaged Earth (the US military of course, who else would it be) are in quest for a new planet to Terra-form.  They find a planet inhabited by a peaceful race, and decide to wipe the peaceful people out so they can make use the planet and resources for themselves.  Go figure.  The general plot is not unlike Avatar in many ways.  Certainly not original.  It’s well done, none the less, and very entertaining.


Fame (2009)

An obvious remake to the original movie and TV series by the same name.  But in my opinion, lacking the energy and heart of the original.  It’s a good remake, not terrible, but certainly not great.  It’s watch-able if this floats your boat.  But I wouldn’t care to see it again at any point.  If you like dance movies, then try “StepUp” 1 and 2.  You’ll likely enjoy them a lot more than this.

6/10 (is being generous for the sake of the original)

Delgo (2008)

A CGI Computer Generated animated film.  An epic fantasy tale of an old predictable storey line.  Two kids from the opposite sides of the track fall in love and their people go to war over this.  And of course the villains take advantage of the situation.  This version takes place in a fantasy world where our lovers are differing species.  Very well done, entertaining, visually appealing, and you fall into the story as much as it being real actors portraying the characters.  Many well known actors perform the voice overs.  An excellent animated story.


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